Portable Hospital Grade Air Purifier

The Maximed is a portable device that eliminates at the source particles and aerosols exhaled by patients being treated in operating rooms. The Maximed reduces the probability of contamination by more than

95 %.

How does an aerosol pathogen remover work?

Articulated Arm

Through an articulated arm, a light suction is created around the respiratory tracts of the patient to eliminate any germs attached to microscopic droplets suspended in the air.

HEPA Filter

Viruses range from 0.06 to 0.14 microns attached to droplets measuring on average 0.0002 inches in diameter.

A HEPA filter, which is certified 99.997% efficient on 0.3-micron particles, captures them on its surface.

The Respiration Zone

The respiration zone is freed of particles and thus they are not dispersed throughout the room.

The portable hospital grade air purifier, combined with the existing ventilation in the operating room, works to limit the spread of pathogens in the room.

Air Circulation System

The captured air is then either vented to the outside or connected to the room's air circulation system, thereby creating a negative atmosphere. If exterior venting is impossible, the filtered air is recirculated into the room.

MAXIMED Presentation


« No cases of COVID-19 contamination coming from the operating rooms! »
Dr. Lamontagne

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Solid protection for hospital personnel

When used correctly Maximed decreases the probability of contamination by more than 95%, by reducing the concentration of particles and the spread of viruses. The Maximed is a unique device that can have considerable and immediate impact on the wellbeing of hospital staff.

When part of a rigorous sanitary measures protocol, Maximed can help accelerate the pace of patient care without compromising the health of medical personnel.

Tailor-made to fit the requirements of our hospitals

Developed in response to COVID-19, our portable hospital grade air purifier reduces the impact of the pandemic on our healthcare system.

Developed after a request of the regional health authority of the Laurentides region in Québec, Maximed has been thoroughly tested in many operating rooms. Now installed throughout the United States and Canada, Maximed is made to fit the needs of any operating room. A stellar example of co-innovation.


Simple, cost effective and ready to use!

The ease of installation and substantial savings makes the Maximed system the smart and definite solution.

The Maximed is delivered ready to use and is easily adapted to your space. AQC products are known for their efficiency, durability and easy maintenance, and Maximed is no exception.

Because of its innovative design, low maintenance nature and the durability of its components, the unit’s operating cost is over 25% lower than would be expected. Its use allows considerably more patients to be treated daily, thanks to its ability to completely filter the room’s ambient air each hour.

Designed and developed in Canada to the highest standards, our product is CSA certified for hospital environments.

Suitable for all medical trades
(ENT, maxillofacial, thoracic surgery, anesthesiologists, dentists,
respiratory therapists, nurses, etc.)

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AQC is a Quebec-based SME. The company produces a wide range of dust- and pollutant-collector equipment and systems, exporting 30% of its production to the USA.

Among its clients, who are mostly in the pharmaceutical industry and hospital space, are the MUHC, CHUM and many other healthcare facilities.


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