A portable filtration unit from Canada in hospitals across the United States

Une unité de filtration portative aux États-Unis

Three Hospitals Colorado now Benefit from the MAXIMED Portable Filtration Unit

Aireau announced the deployment of its new portable filtration unit in the United States. It was at the start of the pandemic that the manufacturer developed this new tool. The MAXIMED is the first pathogen aspirator. It eliminates pathogenic aerosols released by patients both in the operating room and in the examination room directly by the patients. Overall, this will greatly reduces the likelihood of airborne contamination.

The MAXIMED portable filtration units will be in operation as of next week in hospitals across Colorado. Lutheran Medical Center, Platte Valley Medical Center and Samaritan Hospital will all receive several units. Under these conditions, doctors, surgeons and nurses will be able to treat more patients without compromising their health.

A rapid expansion for the manufacturer of air treatment systems

In the early process, the manufacturer was not expecting such great demand, but over the course of the pandemic, demand increased rapidly. The manufacturer has therefore registered several international patents and has already planned a partnership for the an expansion of production. Health Canada already approves the installations and the manufacturer as they rigorously controls the quality of each unit to obtain its CSA certifications. The HEPA filters are always DOP certified.

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