A secure & efficient solution : capturing at the source

Advantages of an air filtration unit that captures Covid-19  at the source

In a video interview, Dr. Lamontagne discusses the benefits of using a filtration unit that captures pathogens at the source. He confirms that the MAXIMED brings several advantages for the staff and simplifies medical procedures. It is the first device, that can capture pathogenic aerosols  at the source.

A decrease in the need for N95 masks

In the context of a pandemic, any surgical intervention likely to generate aerosols requires wearing the N95 mask. The installation of a filtration unit which captures at the source allows the creation of a protective bubble around the patient. Therefore, in an O.R., wearing the N95 mask is not necessary for personnel outside a two-meter radius.

Reduced time between interventions

By capturing the aerosols at the source, all of the air in the operating room is always purified. Thus the MAXIMED prevents the spread of some airborn viruses. Healthcare workers, surfaces and equipment, “which reduces the time between procedures”. This can go up to “30, 60 minutes for a procedure that takes 15 minutes in the operating room,” he adds.

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