How does the source capture of airborne viruses work?

The capture at source of pathogenic aerosols by MAXIMED


MAXIMED is the new medical tool available to hospitals that can capture and filter air at the source. It helps in fighting more effectively against the spread of COVID-19 and other airborn viruses.. The Aireau team assembles in Quebec the best components to manufacturer its innovative design. This way, they are able to obtain the optimal quality for the medical use of the unit.

Maxair an articulated source capturing arm

The articulated arm is essential for essential to capture at the source. It sucks in all the particles from a patient’s breathing and then filters the contaminated air. The arm is available in three sizes: 9.2 ‘, 10’ and 12.5 ‘. It is made of # 4 stainless steel and equipped with gas cylinders for joint support and greater flexibility.

HEPA filters

At the heart of the MAXIMED is the HEPA filter with a certified efficiency of 99.997% on 0.3 microns. Health Canada subjects all of our HEPA filters to rigorous tests before they are approved. They have low maintenance and can be easily cleaned.


The material used for the construction of the cabinet is a # 4 finished stainless steel. This composition is optimal for the use in hospital. The sturdy polyamide wheels also make it easy to move around.


Units are equipped with a standard 1 HP, 115/1/60 motor including a 15 amp starter with hospital grade power outlet, a grounding indicator light, a 15 ”SJTOW-type electrical wire and a grounding wall plug. For more details see

For more details see the specifications