Martin Brisebois talks about the MAXIMED on TVBL

On December 17th, we were invided in TVLB’S studios to discuss our newest innovation to stop the spread of COVID-19 : The MAXIMED.

Our president, Martin Brisebois had the privilege to discuss with Jessie Poirier to relate the story and the use of our filtration unit.

The idea of the MAXIMED comes to light when Mr. Brisebois notices how badly things were going in Italy. Doctors and nurses were dying one after the other, he knew that this virus would spare no one, including us. He then started thinking of an apparatus that could help save workers here and around the world.

Indeed, Aireau’s mission with developping the MAXIMED was to help our front line workers. Mr Brisebois describes it as such : ‘’it was a basic mission and it is the most important one at the moment, to protect our hospital workers by creating a protective barrier that is real and efficient.’’

With his knowledge and his expertise in the field of ventilation systèms for hospitals, the innovation came to him naturally. Mr. Desroches from the CISSS Des Laurentides contacts him with a very similar need. They worked togheter, alongside Dr. Lamontagne, to create a unit respecting the INSPQ guidelines and the doctors requests. They made multiple prototypes, six exactly, to get to the unit we have today. The MAXIMED captures and filters viruses at their source, keeping everybody around safe.

With its flexible arm, the MAXIMED is placed in close proximity to the patient’s head. A light aspiration is then created which forms a negative field around the respiratory tracts. The risk of contaminating the hospital staff is reduced of about 95% and the rate of infections is greatly reduced.

Our front line workers represent 1 in 5 cases of COVID-19 infection according to a study published by the Canadian federation of nurses unions. (Position statement on COVID-19 – Canada’s NursesCanada’s Nurses) With these alarming numbers, it is our priority to put our health workers safety forward.

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