Portable filtration unit, a co-innovation to counter the coronavirus

Unité de filtration développement CISSS des Laurentides

A portable filtration unit for the hospitals that captures at the source

As an air filtration specialist, Aireau Inc., has felt a big impact due to the pandemic. Last March, while the coronavirus was spreading around the world, Aireau’s team got together in order to protect healthcare sworkers in hospital accros Canada. A call from Mr. Desroches, engineer at the CISSS des Laurentides, marks the beginning of a collaboration that will see the light of day : the MAXIMED. It is the first pathogenic aerosol saspirator that can be used in our health care system. The innovation is designed to filter aerosols regected from the breathing of patients.

INSPQ recommends air filtration in O.R. to at the source

One of the recommendations INSPQ suggests adding an aerosol filtration unit that can capture at the source for all O.R. It is from these guidlines that Mr. Desroches got the initial idea. He then turned to the Maxiroll developed by Aireau. This device widely used in the pharmaceutical and industrial fields was not adapted for the usage in hospitals. The adventure thus began in order to adapt this portable filtration unit to the reality of hospitals in the context of a pandemic.

The president at Aireau wants to save lives

The collaboration with the CISSS des Laurentides delighted Martin Brisebois, president of Aireau Qualité Contrôle. For him, protecting medical personnel is an urgent priority. He says it over and over again: “The important thing is to save lives.”

A collaboration with three hospitals of the CISSS des Laurentides

With the help of Dr. Alain Lamontagne and his team, Aireau quickly developed prototypes and they were tested at the hospitals of St-Jérôme, Saint-Eustache, and Sainte-Agathe. The final design of the Maximed is the result of feedback received from the personnel at these hospitals which led to further developments of a final design of the Maximed unit. This first unit was delivered to the CISSS des Laurentides is in operation to this day.